In a nutshell, a "short sale" is negotiating with a mortgage holder (bank) to accept less than what is owed as payment in full.

A short sale is a strategy when we have a distressed homeowner who owes the bank close to or more than what the property is worth.  

Here's how it looks: The homeowners owe $200,000 to their first mortgage holder and the payments are in arrears.  Their property is worth $200,000 in retail condition.  With the proper negotiating strategies, you get the bank to accept $100,000 as payment in full.  Purchasing a $200,000 retail property for 50% of its value is where we both get paid..

With proper negotiations we can take your deal that most investors would pass on and turn it into an amazing deal.  Some of our happiest homeowners have been from deals that had no equity..(read more)  


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