Since we will need to work with your bank to get you out of your situation, we will need to provide them with everything that they request. We cannot help homeowners who do not give us everything which we need because the bank will not process the package.

There are two steps to getting us everything which we need.  

STEP 1- Download our Homeowner Package  and return it to us along with the documents in STEP 2 below:

STEP 2- These are documents that the bank requires and only you can provide to us. 

2 most recent bank statements- These need to be complete with ALL pages. If the statement says page 1 of 3 on it, we need all 3 pages even if they are blank. 

2 most recent paystubs- If you are unemployed please download  and sign our "Paystubs" letter and use that in lieu of paystubs. If you are self employed, you will probably need to provide a 6 month profit and loss statement. Contact us if you have questions regarding this. 

Tax Returns: Some lenders require you to provide 2 most recent years tax returns. Just a few of the big lenders who require this are: Option 1, American Home Mortgage, HSBC, Saxon, Aurora, Washington Mutual, IndyMac, Downey Savings 

If your bank is not in this list, this does not mean that they will not be required. If you have them accessible, please provide them to us as well. 

It is very important that you provide us with ALL of the documents which we request. The bank will not look at an incomplete file and therefore we cannot do anything until we have everything which we need.  

Should you have any questions regarding any of the above documents or regarding your situation, please contact us via email or by phone at (888) 374-2457. Thank you very much.


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