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About Us

Foreclosure Recovery Group is a professional firm focusing on helping homeowners get out of foreclosure and avoid the damaging result to their credit report. Our team has the experience of over 1,800 bank transactions which gives us the knowledge to handle even the most difficult cases. Even when you feel you have no options, there is always an alternative solution which we can provide you with. Foreclosure Recovery Group is here to assist families to get out of the foreclosure process before the bank takes over the house. The biggest problems arise..(cont) when homeowners are in denial until it is too late and they are forced to watch the bank sell their house.

 You cannot control the cards that life deals you, all you can do is make the most of them. We will not judge or make any assumptions regarding you or your situation no matter what it is. All we will do is help. At FRG we treat all of our clients like they are part of our own family. 

Foreclosure can be stopped. Do not give in to the feeling of hopelessness that often accompanies it and call us today. Your solution is literally only a phone call away. No longer feel alone and let us do what we do best help people in foreclosure, get out of foreclosure. 

Don't get caught up in other offers which often include upfront fees. Often these offers generate instant income for the person who is supposed to help you, only for you to find out that their program sets you up for foreclosure again in no time. 

This is the time to save to your credit, and if the home has not been sold yet you can still do so. We will go over all possible solutions for you and work with you, to do what's best for you. What's best for you---is best for us. 

Some people wish to no longer stay in their homes for a variety of reasons. For those clients we have many options that can get them out of their homes, stop the damage to their credit, and sometimes even let them walk away with thousands of dollars. 

At Foreclosure Recovery Group we strive to satisfy every client by guiding them through the process without any pressure on whichever option they choose. Every client will have their own personal counselor who will continue to assist you in succeeding long into the future. We don't believe in patching the problem for our clients, but rather long term solutions.

Contact us today to show you all of your options. What's best for you---is best for us.



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